Julia v. Frihling

Film editor

Julia started her professional career in 1989 as a sound editor at Studio Funk in Hamburg, where she edited speech, sound and music of dubbed, mainly American movies.

Between 1991 and 1992 she worked as a freelance editor of synchronisations and commercials for several companies (Hamburger Synchron, Autoren Synchron, Studio Funk, Interteam TV and Hamburg Film).

In 1993 Julia made her first experiences as a film editor with the series “Otto – Die Serie”, an entwining of scenes from various Edgar Wallace films with new scenes, starring and directed by Otto Waalkes.
For this occasion, she mastered the new AVID system, soon the standard in film editing.

Up to now, Julia edited more than 70 movies for television, in all genres, crime films, dramas as well as comedies.
Besides these movies, she edited lots of trailers, documentaries and above all commercials. Markenfilm, the largest commercial film production house in Europe, produced most of these commercials: Volkswagen Golf, Bitburger, Burger King, DEKA, Bebe Young Care, Volkswagen Multivan and many others.

In 2004, the comedy “Sieben Zwerge” (“Seven Dwarfs”), richly provided with visual effects and edited by Julia, made its appearance in German movie theaters. It became one of the most successful movies ever in Germany, with more than 6.7 million visitors.

1. Januray 2006